Malaysia is more secular than India

For those Hindus who are crying foul about Hindus being treated badly in Malaysia recently, see the facts about how Malaysia scores better than India in terms of giving equal treatment to Hindus.

In India secularism is nothing but minority appeasement and majority bashing.

In India where more than 18% are Muslims

  • Muslims get subsidies to go to Haj, where as Hindus have to pay tax to go to Manasa Sarovar or Amarnath or Vaishnodevi!
  • Muslims can have as many wives then want, while Hindus cannot!! I am not asking to allow Hindus to have multiple wives, all I am asking is why different law for different religions? What kind of secularsim is this?
  • Muslims/Christians are given minority status in the states where they are in a minority, where as Hindus are NOT given minority status in the states where they are in a minority like Mizoram, Jammu & Kashmir etc!
  • Muslims in India refuse to say ‘Vandemataram’ and all it means is ‘I Salute my motherland’!

In Malaysia on the other hand where only less than 8% are Hindus

  • Malasyia sends Hindus to Kashi and Rameshawaream at Malaysian Tax payer’s Expense!
  • The President Of Malaysia is a Hindu!
  • Hindus get minority reservations in Malaysia!
  • Hindus can marry as many times they want and breed as much they want so that the majority population eventually becomes Minority
  • Malaysia even announces Hindu festivals as national holidays

Now tell me, who is truly secular? India where the law applied to you depends on which religion you belong to? Or Malaysia where law is the same irrespective of your religion?


Secularism in India Exposed!

Christian Conversions to Hinduism

While the missionaries are trying every hook and crook method to convert innocent poor tribal Hindus in India to Chrisianity, western intellectuals who have realized the greatness of Hinduism are converting willingly and with true belief from Christianity to Hinduism.

See the video below

Hindus : STOP preaching all religions are equal

A Superb Speech by Swami Aksharanda (Guyana)
A MUST for all Hindus, especially part II

Why did Modi win?

Watch all these videos, and you will know it for yourself. He is the first Indian leader who has delivered, the way we see in movies like “Nayak”

Congressmen – Na Italy Ka, Na India Ka

Look at some of the news reports/reactions from Congress introspection meeting after it was routed out in the Gujarat elections.

Heads are unlikely to roll in Congress suggesting that there should not be any blame game as all are equally responsible.

How all are equally responsible? When party wins its because of Sonia and Rahul! When it loses all are equally responsible?

I demand that Sonia and Rahul resign from whatever positions they are holding in the Congress party owing moral responsibility for the defeat. They were the star campaigners in Gujarat who were parachuted from Delhi 14 times and did road shows and circus on the streets of our Gujarat.

Congress Committee General Secretary B K Hariprasad has said that “You should take the resignations if anyone has faulted somewhere”. Mr Hariprasad, cant you see Sonia faulted by calling Modi “Maut Ka Saudagar”? Take her resignation now.

Another Congress leader A K Antony has said, “It is not easy to win Gujarat”. Mr Antony, going forward its not easy to win anywhere in India as long as you have Sonia and Rahul in the party.

Now comes the masterpiece of news items in this list, which says,

Another senior leader expressed regret to Gandhi, who had addressed as many as 14 meetings during the last several months in the state, for letting her down in the crucially important state.

Who let down whom? What the heck? Does he think he is Gujarat? Gujaratis kicked out Congress. Why does he think that just because Sonia addressed 14 meetings we should vote for Congress? Modi attended over 100 meetings, and we would have still voted for him even if he had attended none, and we would not have voted for Congress even if Sonia had attended 1000 meetings. Got it?

Now my message to this senior leader who expressed regret to Sonia for having let her down is, resign from the party taking moral responsibility to the defeat and retire from politics.

Now again, the greatest masterpiece news item.

Another central leader said that “Any Central leader going to Gujarat was told the does and donts by the local partymen which included not to attack Modi and not to raise the issue of Sachar Committee report on Muslims.”

“Not to attack Modi”.. he he he.. Congressmen are so scared of him…
“Not to raise sachar committee report”.. and abhishek manusinghvi kept screaming to the top of his voice on the english media channels saying there is nothing called “Soft Hindutiva” by Congress in Gujarat.

Haneef – The Hero

Haneef! Who?

The same Dr. Haneef on whose arrest our great minority prime minister lost his sleep. When terror stuck in Mumbai, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc, our prime minister was happily sleeping under his rugs. Today when Hindus are being prosecuted in Malaysia he is again happily sleeping. But when poor Haneef got arrested in Australia on terror charges, he couldnt sleep but only weep.  

Anyway, coming back to Haneef, good that atleast one Indian accused of terrorism was later proven to be innocent. Haneef was let off saying he had nothing to do with the failed UK car bombing attacks. It was his cousins Kafeel Ahmed and Sabeel Ahmed who were behind those attacks, not Haneef.

Now Haneef wants Australian government to provide compensation for all the mental trauma he and his family went through. Perfectly valid. Since the australian police had arrested him without any proper evidence, and since he is proven not guilty, he and his family would have definitely gone through mental trauma when others thought him to be a terrorist and when he was behind the bars. Austrialian government should definitely provide him some compensation. I really mean it.

But now comes the interesting part which none have observed till todate. Why the hell has this joker Haneef not condemned his cousin brothers even once till today for the act of terror they did? Why hasnt he given even a single message to the muslim youth of India asking them not to follow the path of his cousin brothers? It has been over six months now and I have been observing all only celebrating that Haneef was released, but none condemning the acts of Kafeel and Sabeel.

Let us revisit the story of Haneef again. Dr Haneef tried to leave Australia on a one way ticket to India, without notifying his employer that he was taking leave.  He did not even have time to send a email to his employer!  The excuse was that he had a new born baby – wasn’t this baby already one month old when the incident took place?  Was it a surprise to Dr Haneef that this baby was born? Has he answered to these questions?

Coincidentally Dr Haneef’s attempted abrupt departure just happened to be when his cousins, with whom he had shared a house in London, tried to bomb an airport!

Even if Haneef was not involved in the attacks, wasnt his duty ATLEAST to tell the poice, media and country what the truth was, what his cousins were up to, anything else that he knew, and then say that he condemned it all, and to suggest the youth of his community not to follow the example of his cousins and cause both danger and shame to their country and religion?

He has not done any of these things and instead wants a compensation now.
Who will compensate for the acts of terror by his cousins? Who will compensate for the trauma undergone by the relatives of the victims of terrrorism which his cousins caused?