Indian is any citizen of India who considers the prosperity and well being of the entire nation of India (which includes its people, flora, fauna, nature, geography, natural resources, culture, heritage everything included) to be above all his personal faiths, ambitions, ideologies and obsessions.

A person who is corrupt cannot be an Indian for corruption is anti-people and anti-society.

A person who keeps his religion above the nation cannot be an Indian for he will collude with anti-national elements who are pro his religion.

A person who comes to power by dividing people in the name of caste cannot be an Indian, for his rule also will benefit only a section of the society and also will divide the society.

A person who tries to appease a certain section of the society cannot be an Indian, for he is not interested in the well being of the entire nation.

A person who supports caste/religion based reservations cannot be an Indian, for again he is only interested in a section of the society and not India as a whole.

A person who supports different law for people based on their religion in the country cannot be an Indian for, you cant commit crime in one religion and get away with it in another religion.

A person who refuses to say Vandemataram based on religious grounds cannot be an Indian, for if you cannot salute your nation, why should the nation provide you space within it?

A person who supports any anti-national elements, obviously cant be an Indian and these anti national elements include corrupt people, terrorism supporters, pseudo secularists doing appeasement politics, fundamentalists, etc.

I am an Indian, are you?


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  1. I am an Indian, and proud of it.

    Welcome to blogging.

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