Dont “Be a Rebel”

Apni to Paathshaala Masti ki Paathshaala… looose control… be a rebel…

This superhit song from the movie Rang De Basanti is something which Keshubhai Patel, Kashiram Rana, etc will be hating to listen after the Gujarat election results.

Why? They lost control and became rebels against Modi before the Gujarat elections and campaigned against him. The people of Gujarat lost control and voted against these rebels, and these rebels are a thing of the past now in Gujarat!

Keshubhai Patel thought that he will defeat Modi because he thought that he was a powerful patel leader and if he rebels against Modi then all Patels will vote against Modi.

So did Kashiram Rana etc.

But they all have lost since the patels rebels against these very individuals who campaigned against Modi. This is a very good outcome of this Gujarat election results that finally atleast in some state of India, people have stopped voting based on caste lines, thanks to Narendra Modi. Now Caste based politics has become a history of the past, and so has congress in Gujarat which banked heavily on these rebels.


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