Congress Stunts

Congress tried every possible flop method to defeat Modi in this Gujarat elections, and we all know that it utterly failed. Be it wooing BJP rebels, doing Sonia Rahul road shows, false allegations and what not..

One of such funny stunts by Congress was also the advertisements it gave in the local print media about Modi and BJP!

Below are some excerpts

1) In one advertisement it showed a picture of Modi wearing shoes while praying to God!

2) In another advertisement it showed Modi talking to a Muslim!

3) In a third advertisement it showed Advani wearnig a muslim cap!

4) In yet another advertisement it showed the photo of the dreaded terrorist Azhar Masood saying BJP released this terrorist!!

And all this ad propaganda was attempted to show to the Gujaratis that Modi/BJP were not true Hindus!

But the Congress did not realize its mistake when it bought in Sonia and Rahul in the campaign. A common man of Gujarat asked, what is the full name of Sonia and Rahul?


6 Responses

  1. Hi Indian, I have been tracking your comments on Gurudev’s blogs and i really appreciate them. Well we all need to convert our comments into action and i really apperiacte your knowledge and comments, Keep it going. Probably all our words would be comented to actions one day and lets all contribute to some kind of change. Keep it going and all the very best from my side. Well yopu can reply me for any thing. I am not a great blogeer or reade but can contribute to lot of things practically.

  2. Hi,
    I have been reading your articles,
    and I find we share the same thoughts and beliefs.

    And I write to try to get across the same message.

    I have you on my blogroll, would you reciprocate links,
    it would be great if we could share our readers.

  3. Hi san
    Yes we need to convert our words in to actions, we already did it in Gujarat, hope you have seen the way we replied to secular champions. The target is to ensure that congress loses deposits in the next elections.
    Now its the turn of Rest of India to follow us. We have started the trend with a perfect example.

  4. Little Indian
    Thanks for the link, even I have linked to your blog. Lets keep going and make it bigger and better.

  5. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  6. Namasthe,

    I am totally disturbed the way christians converting hindus into their religion.

    I may leave my job soon and going to dedicate completely to stop this

    dharmo rakshathi rakshataha

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