The CM Returns!

After winning the Gujarat state elections with a landslide majority and becoming the chief minister for the third successive time, Narendra Modi sent an sms message to all media channels, which read, “I was the CM of Gujarat, I am the CM of Gujarat, and I will be the CM of Gujarat forever..”, and the message ended saying,“For me CM means Common Man”

2 Responses

  1. hi I=Indian

    Good you started blogging..looking forward for some exciting and good articles from you too 🙂

    All The Best !!

    I just pray that this win will be beneficial for CM (Common Man) in real…What are Modi’s agendas as CM and the timelines for them??

    Alos it would be gr8 if you could throw some light on Maharashtra, Pune elections and persons who are really good and really look forward to helping the common man…with infrastructure,roads etc…


  2. Sainath
    See the post
    to know Modi’s agenda. In his own words, he is mad behind his dream of making Gujarat the most advanced place on this planet 🙂
    He has already benefited the common man, over 18000 villages which didnt have power in Saurashtra today have 24/7 uninterrupted power supply! This is just one simple example.

    I am not that aware about local personalities in Maharashtra. But if I were in Maharashtra I wont vote for Congress, the state congress leaders really suck there. The only congress leader in India of the recent times whom I would have voted is Rajesh Pilot, unfortunately he is no more today.

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