The Trial in People’s Court

Mr Abhishek Manu Singhvi, the spokesperson of Congress had said before the Gujarat elections that, if Congress comes to power in Gujarat, then they will try Mr.Modi in the International Court of Justice!

In reply, the people of Gujarat tried his party Congress, in this elections itself.

Some of the other leaders of Congress who talked nonsense like this are, Mr. Digvijay Singh who talked about “Hindu Terrorism”!

Mr Kapil Sibal who used to say that there was absolutely no developmental work done in Gujarat by Modi!

Then came the prime minister Mr. Manmohan Singh who totally reversed the gear and said that, all the developmental work in the Gujarat was because of the Congress government at the center!

Now only one of them can be true, either Mr.Sibal or Mr.Singh, how can both be true? Or did they mean, any work that is not done is because of Modi, and all work that is done is because of Congress?

Then finally came the star campainger of Congress Soniaji who said, the rulers of Gujarat were liars, dishonest, merchants of death and what not. People of Gujarat showed that the one whom she called the Maut Ka Saudagar was in fact a Vijay Ka Saudagar.

Soniaji is not to be seen after the Gujarat results! And where is Rahul? Ask anybody in Gujarat, they will say, Rahul? Who?


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