Malaysia is more secular than India

For those Hindus who are crying foul about Hindus being treated badly in Malaysia recently, see the facts about how Malaysia scores better than India in terms of giving equal treatment to Hindus.

In India secularism is nothing but minority appeasement and majority bashing.

In India where more than 18% are Muslims

  • Muslims get subsidies to go to Haj, where as Hindus have to pay tax to go to Manasa Sarovar or Amarnath or Vaishnodevi!
  • Muslims can have as many wives then want, while Hindus cannot!! I am not asking to allow Hindus to have multiple wives, all I am asking is why different law for different religions? What kind of secularsim is this?
  • Muslims/Christians are given minority status in the states where they are in a minority, where as Hindus are NOT given minority status in the states where they are in a minority like Mizoram, Jammu & Kashmir etc!
  • Muslims in India refuse to say ‘Vandemataram’ and all it means is ‘I Salute my motherland’!

In Malaysia on the other hand where only less than 8% are Hindus

  • Malasyia sends Hindus to Kashi and Rameshawaream at Malaysian Tax payer’s Expense!
  • The President Of Malaysia is a Hindu!
  • Hindus get minority reservations in Malaysia!
  • Hindus can marry as many times they want and breed as much they want so that the majority population eventually becomes Minority
  • Malaysia even announces Hindu festivals as national holidays

Now tell me, who is truly secular? India where the law applied to you depends on which religion you belong to? Or Malaysia where law is the same irrespective of your religion?


Just an observation

Why do muslims want democracy in all countries where they are in a minroty, ex: India, UK, US, etc where as all the muslim majority countries on this planet are Islamic nations! Democracy when in minority, islamic nation when in majority!

Doesnt it mean that going by this trend, if muslims become a majority on this planet then this will become an islamic earth?

Why in India, a muslim can have upto four wives while people of other religions can have only one? What if I found a new religion which allows 10 wives, which allows taking drugs, etc. Will I be able to practise my religion also?

Government of India gives subsidies to muslims who go to Haj, fine. But on the other hand Hindus who go to Manas Sarovar and Amarnath yatra have to pay taxes? What kind of secularism is this? Even Aurangazeb made non-muslims i.e Hindus pay tax called Jazia tax during the mughal/muslim rule in India. Its the same situation even today, free Haj for muslims, tax for hindus who go to Manas Sarovar!

Muslims have been given minority status in all the Indian states where their percentage are less. Why havent Hindus been given minority status in those Indian states where they are in a minority like in Kashmir, Mizoram etc? What kind of f***** secularism is this?

Can any of my secular friends show the guts to answer my questions?