Christian Conversions to Hinduism

While the missionaries are trying every hook and crook method to convert innocent poor tribal Hindus in India to Chrisianity, western intellectuals who have realized the greatness of Hinduism are converting willingly and with true belief from Christianity to Hinduism.

See the video below


Hindus : STOP preaching all religions are equal

A Superb Speech by Swami Aksharanda (Guyana)
A MUST for all Hindus, especially part II

Why am I a Hindu?

There is a fundamental difference between saying “I am a Hindu” and between saying “I am a Christian or a Muslim”

When a person says “I am a Muslim” or “I am a Christian”, there is no place for any other religion. Islam does not believe in other religion and calls non-believers using a derogatory term called kafirs. Christianity says that if you are not a christian then you will go to hell. Forget about going to hell, if you are not a Hindu, then you are already IN HELL.

When a person says “I am a Hindu”, it means there is equal space for all other religions too. Hinduism never asks people of other religion to convert to itself, for it believes that all religions are one and the same. The core message of Hinduism is that God is one and different people call him with different names. So when I say “I am a Hindu”, I also mean that “You can be a Christian, You can be a Muslim”. Not the same case with other religions like Christianity and Islam which want to convert whole world into their respective religion.

So the core message is that if all religions should continue to exist in the world, then Hinduism should be the most dominant religion on this planet, because it allows every other religion to exist. This universal brotherhood is the reason why I am a Hindu. This is also the reason that why all should fight for the cause of Hinduism to make sure that all other humans can continue to live with their own beliefs and religion, as long as they dont intrude into others. In other words, no missionary or forced conversions should be allowed, nor religious laws should be implemented in public domain like in islamic countries. Keep religion as a private affair. Problems start when we mix politics with it.