Haneef – The Hero

Haneef! Who?

The same Dr. Haneef on whose arrest our great minority prime minister lost his sleep. When terror stuck in Mumbai, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc, our prime minister was happily sleeping under his rugs. Today when Hindus are being prosecuted in Malaysia he is again happily sleeping. But when poor Haneef got arrested in Australia on terror charges, he couldnt sleep but only weep.  

Anyway, coming back to Haneef, good that atleast one Indian accused of terrorism was later proven to be innocent. Haneef was let off saying he had nothing to do with the failed UK car bombing attacks. It was his cousins Kafeel Ahmed and Sabeel Ahmed who were behind those attacks, not Haneef.

Now Haneef wants Australian government to provide compensation for all the mental trauma he and his family went through. Perfectly valid. Since the australian police had arrested him without any proper evidence, and since he is proven not guilty, he and his family would have definitely gone through mental trauma when others thought him to be a terrorist and when he was behind the bars. Austrialian government should definitely provide him some compensation. I really mean it.

But now comes the interesting part which none have observed till todate. Why the hell has this joker Haneef not condemned his cousin brothers even once till today for the act of terror they did? Why hasnt he given even a single message to the muslim youth of India asking them not to follow the path of his cousin brothers? It has been over six months now and I have been observing all only celebrating that Haneef was released, but none condemning the acts of Kafeel and Sabeel.

Let us revisit the story of Haneef again. Dr Haneef tried to leave Australia on a one way ticket to India, without notifying his employer that he was taking leave.  He did not even have time to send a email to his employer!  The excuse was that he had a new born baby – wasn’t this baby already one month old when the incident took place?  Was it a surprise to Dr Haneef that this baby was born? Has he answered to these questions?

Coincidentally Dr Haneef’s attempted abrupt departure just happened to be when his cousins, with whom he had shared a house in London, tried to bomb an airport!

Even if Haneef was not involved in the attacks, wasnt his duty ATLEAST to tell the poice, media and country what the truth was, what his cousins were up to, anything else that he knew, and then say that he condemned it all, and to suggest the youth of his community not to follow the example of his cousins and cause both danger and shame to their country and religion?

He has not done any of these things and instead wants a compensation now.
Who will compensate for the acts of terror by his cousins? Who will compensate for the trauma undergone by the relatives of the victims of terrrorism which his cousins caused?