Islamic Law – Punishing “Victims”

An 18 year old girl was gang raped by five men in Saudi Arabia. The islamic judiciary there gave a verdict sentencing the rape victim to jail for six months and 200 lashes!!!

Why the hell punish the victim? What barbaric law is this? See

She was punished just because when the rape took place she had been out with a male friend of hers whom she was not married to!! Imagine a girl going out with a friend (guy) to some restaurant, and on the way back she gets gangraped, and the court then punishes her for going out with a guy whom she is not married to! What the heck?

This is what is called as the Islamic law, shariat.

Now imagine how many girls in these islamic countries will really come forward and lodge a complain even if they are raped? Because they know that on top of the trauma they already underwent, they will get more punishment too!

Also this girl’s punishment was doubled because she went to the international press to tell her story! Even her lawyer, Abdul Rahman al-Lahem’s license was cancelled and he will be subjected to disciplinary action because he talked to press about his client’s plight!

Once the news came to international media, pressure started building up on Saudi Arabia and criticism came from all over the country, and lately it is reported that the king has “pardoned” the rape victim. What a shitty culture. Pardoning a rape VICTIM!

Think of those hundreds of other victim girls in those islamic countries who never go to court for fear of punishment! What a barbaric society we are having in that other part of the world in islamic countries. Please please for heaven’s sake dont allow islam to become strong in India. You wont be able to protect your women after that.

It is illegal in those islamic countries for a girl to go out with a guy who is not her husband!! What an insecure male society it is, which doesnt trust its women!

On the other hand, those five men who raped her were only given lighter punishment for ‘kidnapping’! Why? Because the rape was NOT proved!! Why? 

For those who are not aware, in islamic countries, the female witnesses are only half as valid as male witnesses. In other words, if a girl gets raped, and if ONE guy says he didnt rape, then the girl has to bring another female/male as witness since her witness is considered only HALF of that of male. So if 2 males oppose, then she has to have four female witnesses or another two male witnesses who support her! Imagine in case of a gang rape, from where will she bring bring witnesses double the number of the men who raped her ??

By the way, the girl who got raped is a shiite muslim, and those who raped her are Sunnis, and Saudi Arabia is a Sunni country!

In 2002, 13 Saudi schoolgirls perished in a fire after the religious police prevented them from leaving the building because they were “dressed inappropriately”!! In countries such as Pakistan and Nigeria unmarried women who become pregnant, even by rape, are flogged or sentenced to death by stoning!!

All this sounds so disgusting for me to write about, just imagine the plight of women in those muslim countries with islamic shariah law.