What Polarization?

Now that Mr.Modi has won the Gujarat elections, the pseudo secular bandwagon has started singing the same old song,

communalisation, polarization, polarization, communalisation

Look at some of the facts:

It was Soniaji who started the entire communal twist by calling Mr.Modi the Merchant of Death (Maut Ka Saudagar), and this was AFTER the first phase of elections were over in Gujarat. Till the first phase, only development was the agenda which Modi was talking about.

Now the fact is, the majority of the seats which BJP won this time were in the first phase of the elections. It was in Kutch and Saurashtra where BJP got a clean sweep in terms of seats and votes. If as the Congress and pseudo-secular friends say that Modi polarized the voters by his hatred speech which came after Sonia’s Merchant of Death comments, well then why did the voters who voted in the first phase vote en masse for Modi?

Next, the pseudo secular bandwagon accuse saying, “Not only now, but even much before the elections, ever since the 2002 riots, Modi has polazried the voters of the state on communal lines”

Ok. Let us look at the results of this election now. In all the five regions of the state i.e Northern Gujarat, Central Gujarat, Southern Gujarat, Kutch and Saurashtra, it was ONLY in Central Gujarat where BJP lost in terms of the number of seats this time. Now, Central Gujarat was the most communally affected area in 2002, and if this area was the one which voted against Modi this time, then where the hell is communal polarization?

Jo Jeeta wahi Sikander, Baaki sab? Bandar Bandar


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